Month: January 2018

A Year in Review (Anti-resolutions)

A Year in Review (Anti-resolutions)

As specific events mark time passing they often encourage reflections of the past and hopes for the future.  I had planned to write in this blog weekly… and well that obviously is not a success of 2017.  However, starting the blog was a success in that it was a goal of mine that I’d achieved.  And looking at why I failed to write it became obvious that I’d set my scope too narrow and too specific to a topic that, quite frankly, hit my serious bone.

But the idea of gender equality for all, and how to achieve it, still gets me excited and often I’ll start writing blogs in my head.  In this past year I never turned most of those ideas into written word because they didn’t fit the narrowly defined scope I’d set for blog topics.  So, this year I’m going to open up the ideas and hopefully the humor (both bad and good).  Because who wants to read something that’s serious all the time?  And I’m not a paid comedian so I obviously won’t have good humor all the time… for which I apologize in advance.

Typically, this would be the point where I talk about my new year’s resolution to write more, lose weight, etc., etc.  Except I gave up on new year’s resolutions years ago.  Sort-of.  I started making anti-resolutions.  Things like “never work out”.  Because if I’m going to break my resolution I figure I might as well be happy I’m doing so.  So, if I keep my resolution, yay!  And if I break my resolution, yay!  Either way I win.

My anti-resolutions:

  1. Never write in this blog
  2. Eat lots of chocolate


What are your anti-resolutions?  Do you make and keep regular resolutions?